Ultrasound 2021-02-16 Normal  (ultrasound with 7,5 doppler by S:Burmistrov, Moscow) That is so totally unproffessional to use a doppler of only 7,5 Mzh. My friends read and learn and makr sure your cats are checked with correct Mhz doppler!

 2021- 08-09 

Ultrasound on kidneys first time in Sweden with doppler 12 Mhz  NOT GOOD  !!!!  White Rock have at this ultrasound 3 small cyst on his right kidney and he is not in our breeding program anymore. He will stay in our home as a pet untill we made our second and upfollowing ultrasound


Kidney ultrasound second time in Sweden. Doppler 12 Mzh . My sweet boy... the cysts on his right kidney has grown and added two more so now he have 5 cysts on his right kidney. For a year ago he hade no cysts on his left kidney but now there is three new 4-55 mm big. Once again diganosed with PKD and a clear deterioration.

Breeder Svetlana Butsan at cattery MARUHABA has not replyed to any e-mail, messenger. She dont ask how Maruhaba White Rock is doing, not helping or assist in any way, she simly does not care about her own boy and she does not follow her own contract. 

Be extra careful with this breeder!   Check health documents, read and control contract make sure she sign the agreement

Pkd cyst on Maruhaba White rock*RU kidneys

Maruhaba White Rock*RU

Breeder: Svetlana Butsan

Maruhaba Cattery, Russia

dob 2020-10-19

Nem a 09 21 ( Blue tabby Point with white)

PKD SICK and neutered

 Pyruvatkinase Deficiency: Result: Genotype N/N

Genetic determination of bloodgroup - PCR Result: Genotype N/N

Coat colour variant Colourpoint - PCR Result: Genotype C/cs
Interpretation: The examined animal is heterozygous for the C- and cs-allele.

Father  Jenifer Sibiri Veresk ,NEM a 21 WCF RU-0188-VU SIB 7286-15

Mother Maruhaba Zambia, NEM a 21 WCF RU-0188-VU SIB 7177


Weight february 2022 4,7kg

First HCM 2021-08-09 Normal 

FIV/Felv 2021-02-14 Negative

PKD by ultrasound 2021-08-09 Not normal 

We will follow this and a third PKD by ultrsound will be done in April 2022

Castration at veterinary

Certification of castration

DNA test Labogen 2021-06-

9 month and in summer coat

Rocky 6 month

Rocky 7 month

Rocky 7 Month

Maruhaba White Rock*RU 10 weeks 
 Breeder and photo Svetlana Butsan

Maruhaba White Rock*RU 10 weeks
Breeder and photo Svetlana Butsan

Maruhaba White Rock*RU 10 weeks

Father Jenifer Sibiri Veresk *RU

HCM Normal
PKD Normal

Father Jenifer Sibiri Veresk *RU

Mother Maruhaba Zambia*RU

HCM Normal
PKD Normal

Mother Maruhaba Zambia*RU

Fotos of parents and baby photos by breeder Svetlana Butsan in Moscow.

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