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12. Mar, 2020

Iza will NOT have any kittens!

28. Feb, 2020

Ragnar Vistula*PL MYCATDNA

Finally !!
Yesterday evening Ragnars MYCATDNA result arrived. Go to his profile and read.

23. Feb, 2020

MYCATDNA on all Frozen Tundra's Cats

BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona*USA MYCATDNA pdf. Please go to her profile site.

Lacosta Kocia Osada*PL MYCATDNA pdf. Please go to her profile site.

Dalefur's Lorry*SE MYCATDNA pdf. Please go to her profile site.

Hökhöjden's Skitty*SE MYCATDNA pdf. Please go to her profile site.

11. Feb, 2020

Full speed agin!

Both girls is back and it's a lot of playing nowdays!
They are a lot more loving and comes and purring and kissing as soon as i sitdown:)
Both of them is seeking places to hide their babies already as a great team.

9. Feb, 2020

Iza and Gittan!

Iza is up and running..... and she's looks adorable..shines lika a princess and happy as pudel.
Gittan is feeling a bit sick, wometing and not eating. She lost that loving feeling...

8. Feb, 2020

Queen of fucking everything!

Gittan have no problem... no visible sign of pregnancy... still our queen of fucking everything!

6. Feb, 2020


Iza is a bit morning sick and have trubbel eating and shes sleeping A LOT!!
No playing and do not want to be disturbed at all.

3. Feb, 2020

Mission completed!

Now Ragnar and Gittan says that mission completed. Three days of loveing and careing should be enough and we are tired and sleeping.

1. Feb, 2020

Love is in the air!!

Ragnar Vistula from Poland and Hökhöjdens Skitty has mated!
Now i can tell that the practice he got together with Iza was a great success and also this time his partner Hökhöjdens Skitty have experience and know how to solve the mission.
More info on Kittens page.

25. Jan, 2020

Ragnar and Iza have had a weekend in the theme of love

They got 4 intense days of action an a lot of practice so now i'm pretty sure
that we will have kittens in the end of march.
More info on kittens page.

22. Jan, 2020

Mating at Frozen Tundras

Great and happy news!! Today we have 2 Sibirian cats in love.
Ragnar Vistula*PL and S*Dalefur's Lorry both "first timer" tries to figure out how to do this thing called mating... we will see how it goes.

18. Jan, 2020

Basilic Blessing Joyful Fiona has arrived

TOUCH DOWN for Frozen Tundra's new arrival Basilic Blessing Joyful Fiona .
She landed safe and in very good health. I used the currier Lisa Flynn and i can give her my very best recomendations. Thanks Lisa:)
Fiona is a beautiful brown/black classic torbie with withe and she comes from BasilicBlessing cattery, Milwaukee, USA. Thanks to Kent & Shelley Sopa for trust me with this gorgeous baby girl!