Our new female 1

2021-07-21  WE HAVE VERY GOOD NEWS!!!

Finally we have found our golden tabby blotched girl!

Now we are waiting and hoping for a good DNA test so we can close the deal.This time we will be use MYCATDNA  already before we buy her and test will be done after July 28 when the breeders vetrinary is back from holliday.

If all goes well she will be a very good contribution to our cattery and in the future we can have our own blotched kittens .... wow, i can alreadu see them ... 5 blotched kitten playing around.... in my vision and dream i have this girl and our own boys like Zhorah TJ and RagnarJr as father...my my my must be a perfect match!!!

When hopefully we have signed the contract i will off course let her name be official ........until then you have to wait:)