Maruhaba White Rock*RU 10 weeks
Breeder and photo Svetlana Butsan

NYTT/ NEW!! Maruhaba White Rock*RU

Father is ECH Jenifer Sibiri Veresk*RU
a 21 33

Mother is Maruhaba Zambia*RU
a 21 33

Maruhaba White Rock*RU

dob 2020-10-19

Nem a 21 ( Blue tabby Point )

PEDIGREE: Under progress


Bloodtype: A/AB

FIV/Felv Negative Tested 2021-02-14

PKD: Negative! No Polystic kidney disease in this patient,  Tested 2021-02-16

HCM: Not tested yet, test will be done first time in the month of June 2021

MYCATDNA: Not tested yet




  • Maruhaba White Rock*RU 10 weeks

All photos by breeder Svetlana Butsan in Moscow.

Thanks for letting us use your beautyful pictures:)