• Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ 13 month

  • Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ 16 month

  • Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ 16 month

 Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ

SIB d 09 22

(He's a Golden/Sunshine boy by certified DNA test from Antagene. He will stay registered as red with white tabby blotched (SIB d 09 22)  untill we will see that this DNAtest is accurate enough and that we have several more  "red"  cats tested and FIFE decided as WCF already done to have a EMS code u  and u = Sunshine)

Coat colour brown - PCR Result: Genotype B/B

Coat Color Variant Dilution - PCR Result: Genotype D/d

Coat Color Variant Agouti - PCR Result: Genenotyp A/A


Father is Ragnar Vistula,

SIB n 22, 2019-04-20, PL/SE 

Mother is Hökhöjdens Skitty,

SIB d 09 23, 2016-10-29, SE/SE






Hälsa / Health 

Weight February 2022  5,6kg

Weight August 2022 5,4 kg and back as fertile

Bloodgroup A/A by MYCATDNA

and is not a carrier of B-blood

HCM by ultrasound Normal 2021-04-28

Second HCM normal 2022-08-15

Next HCM sometime during 2023

PKD by ultrasound 2021-04-28 Normal

PKD1 normal By Laboklin

PKdef normal By Laboklin

2021-04-28 Testicles status normal

2021-04-28  Umbilical hernia normal

DNA test TJ Labogen 2021-06-30

Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ Golden/Sunshine DNAtest Antagene

  • Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ 1 år

  • Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ 1 år

  • Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ

    1 year

Frozen Tundra's Zhora TJ

Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ

Frozen Tundra's Zhorah TJ*SE
Here he is 12 weeks old
Ragnar Vistula*PL
Hökhöjden.s Skitty*SE