BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona*USA

BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona


SIB f 09 22

Bloodtype N/N 

Not a carrier of B-blood (Source MYCATDNA)

Not a carrier of CS ( Source MycatDNA)

Not carrier of dilution (Source MycatDNA)

Father is RW DGC Amurin Taddeus* FI/US

Mother is RW SGC BasilicBlessing Johanna Joy* US



HCM and PKD Test Normal

FIV/FELV blood test was also normal.

NEXT HCM in July-Aug 2021


MYCATDNA Basilic Blessing Joyful Fiona*USA

BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona*US och hennes son
Frozen Tundra's Xtravaganza RagnarJr.
Pappa Ragnar Vistula*PL

  • BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona*US

  • BasilicBlessing Joyful Fiona*US

  • FATHER: Amurin Taddeus*FI/USA SIB n 09 22 Photo by Kent & Shelley Sopa

  • MOTHER: Basilic Blessing Beloved Johanna Joy*USA SIB f09 22 Photo by Preston